Friday, May 25, 2012

make the right choice (rant)

    recently in the news we hear more and more about how parents who hate there lives decide that they want to die and that their children are coming with them.  It makes me sick when I hear of a mother who killed her 3 children with a gun, one of which is an infant, then puts a bullet in her head.  A father who kills his whole family then drives and hour and puts a bullet in his head.  Are these people so disturbed that they feel there kids are the reason they are so miserable?  Are people so naive to sit there and say , " well she was a depressant and had issues."  What kind of human being puts a gun to an infants head, your child's head, and pulls the trigger.  Children are supposed to challenge you, and help you grow, they are also supposed to be the best thing in your life.

Sure kids are not for everyone, and lets be honest, there are some people out there that just shouldn't breed.  Some people out there are just to stupid to wear protection or use protection.  I get tired of hearing how much birth control cost or that they cant wear condoms because they are either allergic to latex or they don't like the way they feel.  Its called responsibility, you are responsible for your actions, all you have to do is take five seconds to make the right decision, to make a educated decision that will perhaps save your life and spare an innocent child a life of misery because you were to stupid to put a jimmy hat on and had to drop out of high school and cant get a job anywhere not only because you don't have an education but because your a lazy fuck.

Having kids is ruff, on the body, mind, and wallet, but there are so many good times that they overshadow the bad.  I used to be one of those guys who sat there and said " I never want to have kids"," I cant afford kids", or I would tell me friends that there "kids were my birth control".  then I got married and we decided to have a child.  of course it was a scary thought but it was a decision I made not a mistake.  I have an AWESOME two year old kid who can make my day better by just smiling no matter what is going on or how bad my day has been.  As with all kids he can be an asshole , and at times a MAJOR asshole, but he is a kid, and I man up and fucking deal with it, when my wife sees I'm frustrated she takes over, and i do the same for her.  But to get so pissed off and use the excuse that they are depressed and decided that they are going to wrap a bag around their little 1 year old's head makes me want to puke.

It gets me more and more pissed every time I see one of these stories in the paper or on the Internet.  This latest one that is 33 years old, and now the guy decided since he has cancer he is going to confess, and what did he say he did, he lured him into his house with SODA, and strangled him.  WTF prompted some asshole to say, " hey there is a 11 year old boy, let me give him a soda and kill him, yeah that would be fun, then ill just take his body and throw it in a dumpster and go on with my life.  Yeah that sounds like a great plan, let me get a coke."  Really....REALLY, this is what went through your head, how could anyone possibly decide to pick a random kid and kill them.  what the fuck did the kid do to you.  I don't know why this upsets me so much.  maybe its because now I have a 2 year old and I feel like i need to watch him every second because if someone took him or hurt him there would be nothing left, I would go insane, I mean INSANE. 

You see the stories where parents learn to deal with it because of a strong church following and they know GOD with protect there kid and it was gods will what happened,  Fuck that.  Look I believe in the idea of a deity, and I believe that everyone has to believe in something, even atheism is a belief, but your not gonna sit there and tell me that your kid is missing or dead and that it was gods will and he is the reason that you are so strong of heart.  That's a load of shit, there is this misconception out there that god will make everything better, I'm not saying that having that belief in your life cant help you but look at some of the stories. JOB comes to mind, god took his entire family because he wanted to prove the devil wrong...pretty fucked up if you ask me.  I can tell you right now, my life and beliefs will change should "god " decide to take my child.  I'm in no way challenging the almighty, I'm just making the point that, if god loves us all, whatever god it is you choose to worship, there is no way he would want to watch you suffer like never before by taking your children from you.

Let me get back to the whack jobs that feel they need to take there kids with them.  I read a story a few weeks ago about a mother that shot one of her kids, the 3 kids ran to the neighbors house and the neighbor asked what was wrong, while asking, the mother came outside and called her kids back to the house.  Once the kids returned she shot them all then killed herself.  What kind of brainwashing bullshit did this mother pull on her children.  AND god help the dude that married this women, cause now not only is the love of his life dead, but she took his kids too.  People are screwed up, I'm Little out there myself, but I know the difference between right and wrong, and I know its wrong to kill an innocent child.  People are always going to kill people, because people have to show there dominance over each other. no one can just let there be peace.  I don't even go into my own hometown city anymore because of the possibility of getting shot cause I "eyeballed" someone the wrong way.  Let me clarify, I'm not afraid to die, I'm fully aware that even at 28 everyday can be my last. I fully expect to live a long long life, but I know it only takes a second and your gone, so when I say I'm not afraid to die, what i mean is I accept that one day its going to happen and that's it, so whats the point of dreading something that your not sure is going to happen tomorrow or 80 years from now.  Dreading death will bring him quicker and then you will be meeting whatever god you pray to.

I know I'm just bitching at the state of our nation when I see what people do to each other, if you got a problem with someone, deal with it, that's your business, but don't punish a innocent child because you feel you got it so bad. there are kids living on the streets with parents that do everything they can for them.  there are honest good people that live on the streets cause they fell on hard times, you don't have it bad enough to tell me that your kid deserves to die, so do us all a favor before you pull the trigger, point the barrel at your head not your child's then do the whole world a favor and drop the hammer.  your kids will get over it, and then at least they will have a chance at life....and riding the world of your whack job ass would be doing us all a favor.

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