Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend in sports....

This weekend was again frustrating for me as a sports fan.  I watched my boys lay and egg in Denver with yet another horrible performance for a team that should be much higher in the standings.  The Capitals continue to be the most frustrating team in the NHL, the continue to give up early soft goals and lack the ability to score with the amount of talent they have.  The power play is nonexistent and the star players are far from star status.  The power play has been brutal all season especially on the road, at 6 for 53 on the season and watching there play with a man up, I would almost rather watch them 5 on 5, problem there is they can't score even strength either.  Sure the Capitals are the only team in the NHL that has not been shut out this season, that goes for something, but when you continually lose games 2-1, someone has to ask the question, where is the Offense. 

Alex Ovechkin's play as of late has been better, we see that spark he used to have, but i still feel he does to much, Alex Semin is horrible, and the secondary scoring has all but stopped.  goal tending is suspect, you could blame it on the D, but a soft goal is a soft goal.  You almost see a sense of panic in there play when the opposing team gets a goal, from there its just a matter of time before they get yet another loss. All is not lost, its a long season, but dale hunter has his work cut out for him, I'm not sure what he can do to spark the stars, its not like writers block, these guys are proven athletes who are playing like collage kids.  he needs to instill that will to win back into a team that has dominated the last few years. Right now though they will be lucky if they win enough to make the playoffs, unless I see some changes, this will be the most disappointing season yet and if that happens you can bet, there will be a cleaning of house so to speak.

This week features games against Nashville and new jersey, Nashville is very stingy and its not going to get any easier on the already struggling offense, and no matter how good or bad the devils are, the capitals seem to struggle against them on a regular basis.  A win Tuesday followed by a win Thursday could be a good spark going into Christmas weekend, but same day travel against buffalo will be another challenge.  this is a big week for the capitals, if they can stick to there system and generate some O, six points would be a good start to turning around there season.

Now on to Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde, the Baltimore ravens, what can you say, it was a strange week in the NFL, I'm pretty sure no one figured GB would fall to KC, or that INDY would actually win a game, or the Jesus would leave Tim Tebow to figure it out for himself for once.  BUT I'm pretty sure everyone else saw the Sunday night game coming, I for one picked the chargers to win and I'm a ravens fan.  This team has just been brutal on the road, and unless PITT loses Monday night, it will be another year of road games for the ravens.  You never know what team will show up week to week, and last night Phillip Rivers showed everyone how easy it is to beat the ravens.  Its a shame really that the Defense couldn't stop rivers because it looked as if ray rice was going to have a big night, but once your down by 20 points you have to abandon your game plan and try to generate some points

Joe Flacco was horrible, one in particular play sticks out to me, the interception to spikes, clearly Joe never saw him, but how could he not, he was standing all alone in the middle of the Field, all to many times this season this has been how his picks have come, with direct passes to the defenders, its gets frustrating.  but alas I have to give the guy credit, 4 years in the league and 4 playoff appearances.  suspect he may be at least he is consistent, which is more then you can say for some QB's around the league.

For sure I'm a 49ers fan tonight, would be huge if they could pull out a win over Pittsburgh and put us back on top the division, but the Steelers are tough and they know its a huge game, they will show up to play I'm sure.  Overall though it was a pretty good weekend of sports, save for my teams never letting me down with sub par performances. 

next stop..the Baltimore orioles......yeah not much news here, as the writer for ESPN said in article this week about prince fielder, " the Baltimore Orioles can keep dreaming".  at least when they continue to lose this year it wont come as such a shock....i guess you could say its business as usual.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

boots to asses

yeah so my day started great, halfway to work and I get a phone call from the wife.  Apparently the teenage douchbages at the bus stop outside my house decided to hang out on my porch at 630 in the morning and smoke cigarettes while waiting for there bus.  of course my dog went ballistic and it scared this shit out of the wife.

I know I was there age once and I didnt have the respect for people either but there is really nothing you can say to these little asshole because they think they rule the world.  God it pisses me off to no end how ignorant the little bastards can be.  Whats funny is they waited for me to leave the house before they moved up to my deck. smart on they're part.

Now I could go out tomorrow and yell and scream at them but it would do no good, I would walk away and they would just laugh it off.  So there really is no getting my point across.  SO that brings me to the question, what can I really do, call the police, call the school, there not going to be there all the time to watch them, so really its probably going to happen again.  Of course if I talked to they're parents they are going to give me the old, "My kid would never do such a thing".

And that brings up another point, How can parents be so fucking ignorant to the fact that there kids are probably going to be just as much as an asshole as they were growing up.  I know what my kids going to be like, I was a major asshole in my teenage years.  So does that make me a hypocrite, am I a hypocrite because I would have probably done the same thing when I was there age?  If that were the case then everyone is a hypocrite, parents that smoked weed and then dump on the kids because they got caught with it, parents who castrate there teens for drinking when there parents were alcoholics in they're teenage years.  Everyone is a hypocrite, myself included.  So what is to be done about the generation behind us, do we just continue the path we are once again on, letting them make there mistakes, punishing them, then letting them loose on the world to do it all over again? 

Fuck it, I say lets go old school, lets settle things, if they deserve an ass kicking, then give them an ass kicking. obviously there is anger in my words, but why not, if the little dicks would have fell at my house and hurt themselves guess who would have been responsible...

WTF is wrong with people, of course they are going to tell me to just deal with it.  Oh and if they go crying to there parents and they have a problem then whatever, I got no problem putting boots to asses.

start of something new

Its funny how life goes.  on a daily basis we are pushed to the limits of are physical and mental capacities driving us to exhaustion at which point we retire for the evening and wake up the next morning just to remember we have to do it all over again.  So then life moves on as a daily routine of punishment we put ourselves through in the hope that one day we might be rewarded for our efforts.  obviously there are some extreme cases in which life pretty much shits on us and you spend three days cleaning everything up.  And of course there are the brighter sides of life, for me that's my family at home and my amazing son. 

Overall normal human beings look for their escape on a daily basis usually failing and staring over the next day, its a vicous cycle really, one that seems to be driving harder on me lately.  I'm not going to sit here and type my problems and tell the world how bad I have it because really I have a roof over my head, food on my table and a warm place to sleep....others however are not so lucky.  It would be easy for me to complain about how ruff life can get, but for my sanity and whoever reads this I will keep that to myself.

This is the first blog I have ever composed and to be honest I'm not sure why I am even doing it.  My wife has been wanting me to do a sports blog forever but I'm not going to pretend to be informed enough to do that nor do I have the time to meticulously study ever sports team in every league.  I will however comment on the ones I follow as well as whatever seems to be the hot topic in the sports world from time to time.  Then whatever seems to peak my interest and what I feel like writing about.  I guess this is more of an outlet for me then anything just so I can get the thoughts and frustration's out of my own mind. 

Life should be your masterpiece, your greatest work, its the thing you literally work your hole life at. So in the grand scheme of things, life itself should pass like an epic story, with trials and tribulations and celebrations and mourning's.  Its only natural we have the chapter of our life that is no liked so much by the readers, and there are the others where the readers cheer and celebrate with you.  So i guess life should be an open book, why hold anything back, there is only one judge in my life, so fuck the rest.  You don't like me, whatever, you love me, great.  you tolerate me, I can see that.  but don't judge me because I don't live up to your standards. no one should judge anyone else until they have lived in that persons shoes.

I have a friend of mine that is pretty judgemental,  sometimes I feel he is a bit hypocritical, I'm not going to lie and say I have never done anything that I wish I had never done. I was young once, and trust me I'm really not sure how I survived. I have done some asshole things to people that I regret doing because really I was just a dick.  But thats the lessons we learn, and its those early chapters of life that define who we are. sure you can change who you are, but the fact still remains..that chapter was written and cannot be taken back, so you learn to live with your transgressions, however small or large they may be.

But you know what really pisses me off, it's the guy who doesn't change or the girl that never grows up, life can be fun, and there is no reason to change who YOU are. I have friends that have never changed there personality nor do I want them to, but they GREW up, they learned responsibility, they learned respect, and they have shown the world that they learned from the early chapters of there and they helped shape the persons that have become, some others....not so much, sometimes I wish I could just beat it into them, but suffice to say some will never learn, but that's what separates us from them, the adults from the children if you will.  I like to party as much as anyone, nothing like kicking back and haveing a few beers after work, or getting that random bar night out with friends or family.  sometimes its needed really just to let loose and unwind from that daily struggle a bit.

I will not talk politics, or anything of that nature when I blog, I'm not informed enough nor do I really care about them, sure they are the ones making the decisions but lets be honest, once they are in office they do what they want anyway.  Plus I really just don't give a fuck anymore.  Life is to short to worry about what some assholes are doing in Washington.

speaking of assholes in the boys wearing the red white and blue all i have to say is wtf.....