Wednesday, December 23, 2015

No Time to Explain

  To say that I have been absent is an understatement. A lot has happened since my last post, some good...some bad, but life rolls on as usual. The last time I posted any kind of blog was August of 2014. I have drafted a few but after reviewing them nothing really struck me as being good enough. My last year and a half has been full to say the least and as the title alludes, I really have had no time to explain anyone. Alas, I sit here this morning at my desk at work and I find myself with a few precious free moments and I think it's time I got some thoughts in writing. I don't plan on ranting, well not too much, but it would be nice to bring everyone up to date on current events of this madman. Where to start....October 2014 my wife and I welcomed out second child into our family. Without a doubt this has been the biggest mental and physical challenge of my life. The boy is beautiful, smart, and a gift that was given after my wife and I lost one to a miscarriage, but life has been anything but easy since his arrival. The child tests us everyday, does not sleep through the night, barely naps, wants nothing to do with me, and is possibly the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with. He literally brings my wife and I to arguments because we are exhausted and just can't rationally communicate anymore at 2 am. We have been zombies for over a year now and it's a physical drag to both of us. It's not all bad though, during the days he is usually pretty pleasant and a joy to watch grow, but at night the boy turns into something out of a horror movie. In the end, he is my child and I love him dearly and eventually we will work through all these challenges so I'm not altogether too worried about it.
  My life has kinda moved into a crazy direction. I have always been kind of introverted and really didn't like being around many new people. I started getting back into gaming in April when I picked up a copy of Destiny for the Xbox One. I fell in love with the game but I had zero friends to play it with, so I took a pretty big chance ( at least for me ) and joined a clan to meet new people in the gaming world. I can tell you this, it's been one of the coolest things I have ever done, and I am super happy that I did it. I have meant some awesome people who live all over the world and I play with them almost daily. The best part, we are all dads, and have family's and we understand that family comes first. I enjoy playing with 90% of them, but there are those that I just try to avoid because lets face it, some people are just douche bags. They make the game to serious and I just want to relax and play the game when my kids are asleep. Destiny has introduced me to a community that I didn't know existed and that I am now proud to be apart of (NERD).
  What else is new, got a promotion at work that I am kinda terrified that I was offered. New job, New roles. I just don't want to screw things up. People gave me some shit for applying for it but hey I really don't want to be a grunt my whole career so they can all kiss my ass. I find myself finding that inner child again and falling in love with those things I liked when I was a kid but being able to introduce my kids to them as well has been really rewarding. I think I'm starting to find that inner child that makes me happy even as an adult. There are still those time's where I just want to say fuck it all but who doesn't  have that problem. So since I haven't posted in over a year I will keep this one short. I'm still here, doing what I do. Keep doing what you do and I will be back soon with more news from the mind of this madman.


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